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  • Tarkų Pilis. A Dictionary for Improving Your Observation Skills

Tarkų Pilis. A Dictionary for Improving Your Observation Skills

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Tarkų pilis* is a totally unconventional dictionary since it consists of … mistakes. But only of a special kind of mistakes, called lapsus linguae in Latin, or slips of the tongue in English – spontaneously or inadvertently made speech errors.

The dictionary can be read in two ways: as a compilation of pun jokes or as a book of funny activities. If you choose the latter one, you can check how sharp you eye is. Count the slips you’ve noticed and calculate your OQ (observantness quotient)!

The dictionary presents 100 funny lapsuses which are absolutely authentic, that is, all of them have been found in various texts including books, magazines and the internet. Texts with slips of the tongue make up the first part of the dictionary; the answer key indicating the error along with a grammatical explanation of the misused words is provided in the second part of the book.

Illustrations by Aušra Marija Tarabildienė which accompany the texts are playful, elegant and faultlessly precise.

Tarkų Pilis is for those who want to test and improve their observation skills or have fun with text and language. It may be a great supplementary classroom resource or a helpful aid to writing or other creative activities. A beautiful book can make a perfect personal or business gift, too.

*The title Tarkų Pilis illustrates the type of punny mistakes that got into the dictionary. Tarkų (English: grater) is a misspelt name of a Lithuanian town Trakai with an iconic medieval castle, Trakų Pilis (Trakai Castle).

You can get your own copy of Tarkų Pilis at the KKC office. Just drop us an email at kkc@kkc.lt. Price: €12.92.


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