• Clients


In 2016, nearly 40 local and international companies joined our client roster including:

Apkabink mėnulį AB
Balticpharma UAB
EVD Baltija UAB
Femina Bona UAB
Krasta Auto Vilnius UAB
Partizanas UAB
Peonia Lab UAB
Vision Express UAB

In 2015, nearly 30 local and international companies joined our client roster including:

ADD mada UAB
Balto Link UADBB
Grožio pikas UAB
MC Group UAB
Prime Auto UAB
Stova UAB
Švytukas UAB
Teatro gatvė public undertaking

In 2014, nearly 50 local and international companies joined our client roster including:

Audiotonas UAB
Audiomedika UAB
Barbora UAB
Dabar UAB
East Island UAB
Erdesa UAB
Graderlitas UAB
Rio Lindo UAB
Ogmios centras UAB
STADA-Nizhpharm-Baltija UAB

In 2013, nearly 40 local and international companies joined our client roster including:

Balto print UAB
Biržų duona UAB
Delano UAB
Demokratinių iniciatyvų centras
E.mokykla UAB
Eesti digiraamatute keskus OÜ
Ermitažas UAB
Felit UAB („IKEA Lietuva“)
Glaveckaitė Media UAB („BZN start“)
Lewben UAB
Medex Dental SIA
Menu Kirjastus OÜ
Miečys UAB
Miranda Design Solutions UAB
Piegades SIA
Teniso pasaulis UAB

In 2012, nearly 40 local and international companies joined our client roster including:

Druskininkų Rasa UAB
Kauno grūdai AB
Kosmedara UAB
Kotryna UAB
Nycomed UAB
Rūta UAB
S Media Group UAB
Sofoklis UAB
Studio Moderna Fashion Group UAB
Super namai UAB
Tvar.com UAB
Vievis poultry farm BAB
VILVI Dairy of Vilkyškiai AB
Vilnius City Public Health Bureau
Žalgiris Football Association, Vilnius
Vilnius Corporate Law Academy

In 2011, a few dozens of local and international companies joined our client roster including:

Baltijos paramos fondas
Bio sala UAB
Biomedika UAB
Ecoservice UAB
Inlook UAB
Limedika UAB
Malsena Plius UAB
Mleczarnia Turek Sp. z o.o.
Pharmacels Corporation UAB
Pharmanet UAB
Prisma LT UAB
Puma Lietuva UAB
Sugihara PRO UAB
Zbiga UAB
Zidex UAB

Our permanent customers include

Alteus UAB
Berner Lietuva UAB
Drogas UAB
Douglas LT UAB
Hair Professional UAB
Intermaze UAB
Knauf UAB
Kopa UAB
Limedika UAB
Luminor Bank AB
Proseller UAB
Sėklos agricultural firm UAB
Sporto leidinių grupė public undertaking
Swedbank AB
Telia Lietuva AB
Vestekspress UAB
Human Study Center UAB

We enjoy cooperation with these periodicals and news websites
Title Publisher Services provided by KKC
BZN start  Glaveckaitė Media UAB  Translation, editing, proofreading
Drogas  Drogas UAB, Švytukas UAB  Editing, proofreading, copy writing
Eurovaistinė  EVRC UAB  Editing, proofreading
Hair profesionalams  Hair Professional UAB  Editing, proofreading
Psichologija tau  Human Study Center UAB  Editing, proofreading
Sportas  Sporto leidinių grupė public undertaking  Editing, proofreading
Structum  Structum projektai UAB  Translation, editing, proofreading
Swedbank 360˚  Menu Kirjastus OÜ  Translation, localization, editing, proofreading, coordination for approval
Teatro žurnalas  Teatro gatvė public undertaking  Editing, proofreading


Perfect, thank you for your quick reactivity. – Flore Delecourt, Digital Media Associate Mainland Europe, Benefit Cosmetics

This is the fastest work I have ever seen in my life. I really didn’t believe it’s doable in three hours, including the approving. Thank you 🙂 – Evar Post, Menu Kirjastus

Many thanks for your wonderful team! Thank you for the outstanding literacy lessons and the great job you’ve done!!!! – Jūratė Mikulevičiūtė, Teaching Content Manager, E.mokykla UAB

Thank you for being so efficient and helping us to meet our burning deadlines, especially when working on the October promotional brochure. – Giedrė Vaiginienė, Marketing Manager, EVRC UAB

Thanks for the outstanding work! – Sandra Gričiūtė, Marketing Coordinator, Knauf UAB

Thank you so much! – Vytautė Kazanavičiūtė, Structum Lead Editor, Structum projektai UAB

Many thanks, great job! – Miglė Dilienė, Brand Manager, Berner Lietuva UAB

Fantastic! Thanks a lot! – Judita Martyšė, Swedbank AB

Thanks for the fast turnaround. – Martynas Pasiliauskas, Senior Project Manager, Integrity PR UAB

Many thanks for the excellent translation of the contract! – Loneda Čypienė, Lawyer, Pieno žvaigždės AB

Thank you so much! – Rūta Gečė, Brand Manager, Berner Lietuva UAB

Many thanks! You were amazingly fast. – Viktorija Labutina, Product Manager, Limedika UAB

Excellent, thank you! – Violeta Byčiuvienė, Marketing Project Manager, Douglas LT UAB

Thank you very much for the revision. – Inga Morkutė, Marketing Project Manager, Gintarinė vaistinė UAB

You’ve done a great job. – Vitalija Kažytė, Marketing and Sales Promotion Manager, EVRC UAB

Thanks for your efficiency! – Aida Kondrotienė, Loyalty Project Manager, Gintarinė vaistinė UAB

I’m impressed with the job the linguist has done. – Gediminas Balevičius, Švytukas UAB

Many thanks, great job! – Skaistė Sukristovienė, Brand Manager, Berner Lietuva UAB

Great editors! They noticed that after changing the picture we’d forgotten to change the answer. They saved us work on the layout 🙂 – Jūratė Mikulevičiūtė, Teaching Content Manager, E.mokykla UAB

Many thanks for your patience and proficiency. You are a pleasure to work with. – Dalia Sivickaitė, Olive communication agency

Thank you very much! We received the texts, which are great as usual 🙂 – Dovilė Jakubavičiūtė, Vilnius City Public Health Bureau

Thank youuuu! You are worth your weight in gold. – Airida Dagienė, Deputy Editor at Structum Magazine, Structum projektai UAB

Thank you for the speedy service. – Indrė Irbinskaitė, Marketing Project Manager, KristiAna UAB

We greatly appreciate the work you do and the quality you provide. That’s why you are our number one choice. – Laura Sūdžiutė, Head of Corporate Client Division, Femina Bona UAB

Thank you very much! We managed to submit it for printing yesterday. – Eglė Cirtautaitė, Rinkos vizija MB

Thanks for turning around so fast! – Gabija Povilaitytė, Junior Project Manager, Integrity PR UAB

Thanks for doing the proofreading so fast! – Paulina Gobytė, Designer, Švytukas UAB

Thanks a lot! I like everything about it. The text is much more readable now. – Rūta Treinytė, Marketing Project Manager, Proseller UAB

Thank you very much. We look forward to cooperating with you in future too. – Mantas Pūtys, Project Manager, Lithuanian Red Cross Society

Thanks for completing the translation so fast! – Loreta Noreikaitė-Ziezienė, Head of Marketing Division, Drogas UAB

Thank you for your professionalism – Viktorija Labutina, Product Manager, Limedika UAB

Thanks for your keen eye and comments – Gabrielė Kašauskaitė, Assistant for Marketing, Prime Auto UAB

Thanks for your efficiency – Simona Maknickaitė, Project Manager, Fabula ir partneriai UAB

THANKS A LOT for the whole team! – Julija Meišimė, Vilnius City Public Health Bureau

We hear you are very good and I have an enquiry for you. – Erika Lukšėnaitė, Lithuanian Red Cross Society

I’d like to thank KKC for great cooperation and excellent translations. – Reda Klemkienė, Porsche Marketing Manager, Prime Auto UAB

All is great, thank you! – Viktorija Jokantaitė, Nordea Bank

You’re amazing!!!!! Excellent 🙂 – Skaistė Sukristovienė, Brand Manager, Kruzas NCD UAB

Thank you so much, great job! – Evar Post, Menu Kirjastus

As for the translation of the description, everything is great. – Eglė Meilūnaitė, Mekta UAB

Thank you very much. You saved us 🙂 – Julius Juknevičius, Nordea Bank

Wonderful. Thank you. – Rūta Kanopkienė, Right Thing UAB

Marvellous. Thank you. – Daiva Narušienė, Sales and Marketing Manager, Oriola Vilnius UAB

Many thanks, everything is great. – Rasa Kairienė, Training Manager, Kruzas NCD UAB

Thanks, got everything. Sounds great! – Aurelija Iždonaitė, Marketing Project Manager, Delano UAB

Day highlights are very well written. Thank you! – Jelena Dudina, West Express DMC

That was a wonderful surprise. You’ve exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much. I don’t have a clue how you managed to complete this early, but you’ve taken pressure off us. You‘re real professionals! Thanks once again. – Laura Sūdžiutė, Head of Corporate Client Division, Femina Bona UAB

I’d like the same ones to do the translation as they’ve been really good. – Vilda Bojarūnė, Project Coordinator, Knauf UAB

We were happy to get a favourable feedback about you and your instruction from our client. She said she’d never thought that language can be such an interesting thing. – Ieva Stankevičienė, Viešųjų ryšių partneriai/PR Partners

You do work miracles. Thank you! – Laura Urbaitė, Editor in Chief, Hair Professional UAB

Thank you once again for your exceptional precision, competence, efficiency and timely solutions. – Toma Martinkėnaitė, Project Manager, Fragrances International UAB

Hi, Wonderful Team! Thanks to you we have a content which meets all the requirements for language. And we are particularly grateful for this. I’d like to thank personally each of you. My thanks to Renata for doing the editing when she didn’t have to, for hearing out all of my requests and for the negotiations which always developed in a favourable way for us – how mean of me to say this:) Many thanks to Jurgita for her energy, consultations by phone and the funny expressions which have now filtered through into our language at Prima. My thanks to Asta for her exceptionally skilful communication with clients and ability to deal with problems calmly. Thank you very much for your patience, understanding and great job. You are the best team!!! – Jūratė Mikulevičiūtė, Teaching Content Manager, E.mokykla UAB

My experience with KKC is only positive. I’m always happy to see people work in a committed and responsible manner. You and your colleagues are the guarantee of quality. – Jūratė Mikulevičiūtė, Teaching Content Manager, E.mokykla UAB

The introduction you’ve written even moved me to tears 🙂 Excellent work! – Toma Martinkėnaitė, Project Manager, Fragrances International UAB

Thanks a lot, got everything and everything is great 🙂 – Justina Vėgėlytė, EVRC UAB

Thanks for your valuable comments and professional work. – Rima Juciutė, Senior PR Specialist at Kaunas National Hospital

Many thanks for super speed! – Vaidotas Cucėnas, Nordea Bank

I’m happy to have a wonderful team, which is a great pleasure to work with and create such masterpieces like this catalogue. Thank you very much! Just like us, the suppliers loved the new catalogue. – Margarita Urbonavičienė, Project Manager, KristiAna UAB

Hi everyone, the translations are very good 🙂 – Sabina Getman, Assistant to CEO, ADD mada UAB

Really well done! You’ve been so efficient, thank you so much! You are amazing! – Evelina Žičkienė

Marvellous. – Reda Lukoševičiūtė-Klemkienė, Porsche Marketing Manager, Prime Auto UAB

Another fabulous victory for Lithuania! Crossing the finish line in STYLE while other competitors are still out of sight. Congratulations for an outstanding performance to Jurgita and Rūta. Will anyone be able to jeopardise the LT domination in 2015? Can’t wait to see the next challenge. LAYOUT team.

What a pleasure to have competent partners! – Reda Lukoševičiūtė-Klemkienė, Porsche Marketing Manager, Prime Auto UAB

I’m very happy about the work you’ve done! – Živilė Baubonienė, „BZN start“ founder, Glaveckaitė Media UAB

Excellent work! Wonderful! Fantastic! Thank you! – Enrika Stanislovaitytė, Marketing Project Manager, Prisma LT UAB

Thank you. Great copy! – Toma Martinkėnaitė, Fragrances International UAB

Another medal for you! – Tomas Urbonavičius, Intour UAB

Congratulation to Lithuanian team to yet another victory! That’s what we call revenge on your last close loss to Czech Republic. You may give yourself a handshake, a tap on the shoulder and a hug…  for such an excellent work you’ve done. We’re looking forward to the next challenge, which is just about to start… Best of luck. LAYOUT team.

Hi everyone! Many thanks for your work! – Julija Čižienė, Marketing Project Manager, West Express DMC

Thank you for the great work! – Evar Post, Menu Kirjastus

Thanks, got everything, sounds great. – Audrius Šekštelis, Rio Lindo UAB

Thank you very much for efficiency and great quality. – Brigita Cipkutė Jonaitienė, General Manager, Audiomedika UAB

Thanks for the great work. It’s been a pleasure to feel the solid support of your linguists and always get such a prompt response 🙂 As usual for the occasion, on behalf of our creative team we say many thanks for your team. – Birutė Lavickienė ir Lavija Šurnaitė, Interjero receptai

I just want to thank you for your work 🙂 – Andrius Šilovas, Kotryna Group UAB

Many thanks for the copy edited texts. Everything is great! – Inga Demereckaitė, Brand Manager, Fragrances International UAB

Thank you for your another excellent job. As usual, you are the first to have approved everything. Wish all the countries were half as good as you are… Best regards, Mgr. Ivan Sivák, company CEO, Layout s.r.o., Slovakia

Hello everyone, I’m working with group part texts and I feel that I have to express my compliments and gratitude for KKC, thank you for such a high quality work, that is great collaboration, resulting in really nice texts and saving enormously my time. Thanks for all involved parties! – Sincerely, Rasa Jauniškienė, Sustainability and Societal Affairs Manager Corporate Affairs Department, Swedbank AB

Your linguist is worth her weight in gold! Everything sounds beautifully fluent and accurate. Many thanks for her! – Ligita Peištarienė, Designer, Hair Professional UAB

Thank you for the beautifully written copy. – Jurga Kulickaitė, Marketing Project Manager, Douglas LT UAB

Superb! Thank you! – Ieva Vaičiūnaitė, Head of Marketing Division, Bio sala UAB

Got everything. Perfect now. – Andrius Remiševskis, Partner, Alteus UAB

Thank you very much for such a great job 🙂 – Inga Maskelienė, Project Manager, Drogas UAB

Super beautiful! – Saulė Bulotaitė, Marketing Project Manager, BCH Retail UAB

Thank you. Beautifully written. – Marija Sodeikaitė, Maxima LT UAB

Hello, I’m writing to you as the best copy writer I know. – Monika Kutkaitytė, Project Manager, Red Squad UAB

I read out the text to the whole marketing team and they all were fascinated. It’s a very good text. Clear idea, great presentation. I’m absolutely grateful to you!!! – Kristina Brazlauskytė, Marketing Project Manager, Sarma UAB

Very beautiful indeed! Makes you stop and think… And feel close and distant at the same time… – Saulė Bulotaitė, Marketing Project Manager, BCH Retail UAB