Managing Director

She is the author and compiler of seven books and a few dozens articles on a range of linguistic and rhetoric issues, an invited speaker of international conferences and workshops; she was also the first to carry out research into internet slang in Lithuania.
“I haven’t worked for 15 years: I’ve just been doing what I like very much. I want to complete every task to the highest standard so the result exceeds the client’s expectations. Apart from KKC, I’m passionate about tennis and other activities that keep me active: travel, various events and board games. I like listening to choral music as well as playing the piano and chess.”
Director of Language and Communication Centre since its foundation in 2002 to date
Researcher, Lithuanian Language Institute, 1993-2002
Language specialist, the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, 1996-1998
Teacher, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, 2000-2002
Lecturer, Vilnius University, 2001-2006
First prize winner at Competition of Science Communication Publications organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science for the book Kalbos konsultacijos (Language Consultations)
Language expert of language use programme Žodžių kišenė on national channel, 2006-2009
Incentive prize winner at Competition of Science Communication Publications organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science for the article series Verslui – apie gerą kalbą (On Good Language for Business People)

Books by Asta Kupčinskaitė-Ryklienė

  • Russian-Lithuanian Student Dictionary, editor of the Lithuanian part. Vilnius: Vilniaus universitetas, 2012.
  • SMALLINC dictionary: English-Lithuanian-Latvian, executive editor. Vilnius, GEG, 2004.
  • KLanguage Consultationcompiler. Vilnius, LKI leidykla, 2003.
  • Bendrinės kalbos ribos (Limits of Standard Language), compilation of abstracts, co-compiler. Vilnius, LKI leidykla, 2002.
  • Elektroninis diskursas: kalbos ypatybės ir stilius (Electronic Discourse: Language Characteristics and Style), summary of doctoral thesis by Asta Kupčinskaitė-Ryklienė. Vilnius, LKI, 2001.
  • Lietuvių kalbos žinynas (Lithuanian Language Encyclopedia), author of chapter General Language Issues. Kaunas, Šviesa, first edition 1998, updated edition 2007.
  • author of chapter General Language Issues. Kaunas, Šviesa, first edition 1998, updated edition 2007.editor of Lithuanian part. Vilnius: Enciklopedija, 1997.



Project Manager

I completed undergraduate studies in Lithuanian Philology and graduate studies in Semiotics. I can trace my interest in texts and language back to an early age, but I actually hit a creative vein at school, when I started writing poetry and participate in poetry events. Artistic creation was among my interests at university, too. I devoted a lot of my time to theatre, including the understanding and interpretation of dramatic texts. I draw ideas and inspiration from nature where I like to spend my free time with my family, friends and my best four-legged buddy Setas. I’m also interested in healthy food and football.



Project Manager and Editor

I obtained a BA degree in Lithuanian Philology and an MA degree it Applied Linguistics from Vilnius University.My extensive editing experience covers a wide range of texts. I find every text compelling:
the more I work on it, the more involved I get. There are no limits to perfection – that’s my guiding principle. I like reading good books, listening to good music and spending time with my wonderful friends. I’m fond of travel and outings to the countryside.



Project Manager

I graduated from Vilnius University with a Bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian Philology and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. A language is not just a set of rules and grammar. It is like a living organism – agile, changing, but also on-going. Therefore, it is important for me to look after it, respect it, and love it. Every text is extremely important, organic and interesting to me. In my free time I like to read various books, listen to inspiring music, and cook delicious meals for myself and my loved ones. My favourite activity is walking. It not only provides exercise, but also a kind of meditation that helps to me to relax and clarify my thinking.


THE BLACK PEARL ALDEBARAN, or simply – Perliukas

He extends the tradition of KKC, as the most dog-friendly organization. Perliukas, a German shorthaired pointer, joined our company in August 2014, when he was three months old. He was incredibly quick to understand that in the office we don’t only play and enjoy his company, but also work. So he learned to play by himself and look out the window to see what is happening in the yard, never forgetting to take a nice nap, too. Since the first day Perliukas has been a marvellously understanding and valuable colleague. He’s just happy at everyone and about everything. Wonderful!